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90 Day Money Back Guarantee
GrowGreatPlants.com is so confident in the performance of our products that we offer a 90 Day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will gladly accept a return, and provide a refund less shipping and restocking fees (15%).

Eligibility requirements are as follows:
90 days begins from date of delivery
Offer valid for all Grow Lights
Offer valid for original purchaser only
Product must be returned in “like new” condition and in original packaging

How to Obtain Refund
In order to enforce the rights under this return policy, the purchaser must notify GrowGreatPlants.com of a return claim by contacting a GrowGreatPlants.com representative at +1(416) 876-7805 or sales@growgreatplants.com. At this time, the purchaser will be called upon to provide proof of purchase and the unique lot number located on the on top of the housing. The GrowGreatPlants.com representative will verify qualifying information and, if eligible, provide more detailed return instructions. Upon receipt and review of the returned product, GrowGreatPlants.com will issue return credit less applicable fees within ten (10) business days.

Upon returning a light to GrowGreatPlants.com if the light is scratched up or lightly damaged we will assess an additional 20%. If the light is significantly damaged we reserve the right to ship you the light back and deny your return.

Shipping Damage
Currently damages to GrowGreatPlants.com shipments occur less than 0.5% of the time. In the unfortunate event that damages do occur, the following procedure and timeline must be followed in order to ensure the expeditious delivery of a replacement system and a claim being filed with the damaging carrier.

When customer receives their Grow Light, the external packaging must be inspected for any rips, tears, punctures, abrasions, creases, or any marks that may indicate damage on the interior. Customer will then inspect contents alongside the delivering driver. Significant damages should be refused by customer and signed off on by driver. Damages not noticed and seen with driver present may still be claimed as concealed damages.
A GrowGreatPlants.com representative MUST BE NOTIFIED OF THE DAMAGES (refused or concealed) WITHIN 48 HOURS IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY BEGIN A CLAIM WITH THE SHIPPING COMPANY. Customers exceeding this time frame may be penalized with a delay and/or forfeiture of a replacement, and or financial penalties. We will require pictures and a description of the damages.
Once the required pictures and description are received, a pick-up of the damaged product, and the shipment of a replacement product, will be scheduled.
Provided that all of the above requirements are met, GrowGreatPlants.com will make every effort to send a replacement system immediately. However, extenuating circumstances may prevent 100% adherence to this policy. International Shipments: *If we ship your light to your country and you fail to communicate with the shipping company within 30 days to arrange receipt of your package, the Shipping company will destroy your package and you will not be refunded from GrowGreatPlants.com.